Hiking South Korea

The only Korean hiking guide geared specifically for English-speaking expats and tourists.


Hiking South Korea

88 Day Hikes from Sandy Beaches to Rocky Peaks


Are you an English-speaking tourist or teacher, military personnel, or contractor currently living in Korea who wants a definitive guide to exploring the country’s natural beauty? Look no further than Erik Palin’s Hiking South Korea. Lovingly developed and meticulously researched over his eight years living in Korea as a marine engineer, this guide will take you across the mainland’s most impressive hikes as well as give you an insider’s view of the hidden gem of Geoje Island. Full of helpful information and detailed hike descriptions, with beautiful full-color photography and expertly crafted maps, this book includes day hikes for everyone—from families looking for stroller-friendly walks, to avid hikers who want to scale the country’s highest peaks, and everything in between!


Introducing Hiking South Korea: 88 Day Hikes from Sandy Beaches to Rocky Peaks

By Otterpine

Otterpine is thrilled to announce the release of Hiking South Korea by Erik Palin. This comprehensive and strikingly beautiful guide details excursions throughout South Korea that are perfect for avid hikers and curious tourists alike. We are proud to recognize this book as the only Korean hiking guide geared toward English speakers on the market.

We worked with Erik’s family previously when we helped his teen daughter Vivienne publish her middle-grade novel, The Magic Sphere, in May 2023. We have come to admire the Palin family for their curiosity and creativity as they find inspiration for their work while traveling the globe.


Hiking South Korea

Sewn Paperback


This beautifully crafted hiking guide will take you to some of the best day hikes South Korea has to offer. Explore mountains, waterfalls, beaches, Buddhist temples, World Heritage sites, and sweeping views across the country. Hiking South Korea is your key to not only the most famous mountains and national parks on the mainland but will also provide you with special access to the hidden gem and hiker’s paradise of Geoje Island. 

With clear, detailed hike instructions and information, beautiful full-color photography, and expertly crafted maps, Hiking South Korea contains everything you’ll need to explore this magical country—from easy, stroller-friendly day hikes, to epic, all-day, multiple-summit excursions. Each of the 88 hike itineraries includes an illustrative map; GPS coordinates; details about hike duration, distance, elevation, terrain, difficulty level, and accessibility; and descriptions of special features. The book also includes helpful information about safety, climate, what to pack, and a glossary of useful Korean phrases. 

If you want to explore South Korea by foot, Hiking South Korea is the comprehensive guide you need to plan your adventure! 

Hiking South Korea



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Erik Palin is a native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He never hiked before deployment to Korea and hadn’t even seen a hill until he was fourteen (on a Boy Scout trip to Vermont). Erik has spent over eight years in the ROK and over twenty in Asia as an expatriate in the maritime and offshore oil and gas industries. During this time, he has hiked all across South Korea. He is married to the love of his life, Jozefina, and has four loving daughters who all enjoy hiking or are learning to enjoy it. When not in a boilersuit working in a shipyard, Erik can be found in the high places with his family—hiking the trails, eating wild blueberries, and trying to keep tomatoes from freezing in his sandwiches. Some of Erik’s favorite places to hike include Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, the Sierra Nevada of California, the South Island of New Zealand, the High Tatras of Slovakia, and the entire island of Tasmania. He can’t wait to discover more trails in new high places and hopes to keep doing this for many, many years to come.


There is a lovely camaraderie amongst those on the trail, nature calls and we are there in all its grandeur both small and large, muddy and dusty, hot and cold. Nature keeps us humble, and is a great equalizer amongst men.


The ability to share the emotions both happy/sad/funny/hopeless through tales of adventure and ordinary / extraordinary encounters with strangers across the world, and the ability to hone down to common ground which binds us all together as human is one of the great joys in my storytelling. Some may say I’m a bit long winded… but I’ll wear that as a badge of honor in my defense!


One of the true joys of life, the blessing of fathering and raising children consumes me as I search for ways to teach, encourage and prepare my children for successful and full lives. I spend much time and resources as do many parents trying to ensure that my children live a better live than I did, and have more opportunities as well at life long success with a focus on life experiences, and a classical education.


I’m a private person, with only a small circle of friends around the world, but for those who I call friends I will do anything I can to help and encourage them to live their best lives. As I get older, I find it more and more important to stay in touch and rekindle distant bonds of friendship, which I truly enjoy.

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I would love to hear from you! I would especially like to know about your experiences trying any of the hikes in this book. I aim to keep further editions as up-to-date as possible, so let me know if you notice any inaccuracies or recent changes to any of the hikes you try.
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